Victoria Behrends - RCST®, HHP, M.A., MH, RT, CRM, BSP, CA Teaching Credential

I'm a Craniosacral Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Teacher, using a variety of skills and experience to help people make changes in their lives--in health, expansion, balance and wholeness.

When there's a need to release old patterns, physical or emotional pain, or to act on the desire to grow and change in a new direction--there are resources that you can experience and learn to make that happen !


If you are interested in speaking to me, or making an appointment, I can be reached at (760) 753-1493 or on my Contact page.

"During our lives our bodies become patterned, shaped and conditioned according to how we are able to deal with any stresses or traumas. If these are overwhelming, they become locked in the body as sites of inertia - until such a time as we are able to access resources that allow them to be processed and released." Michael Kern, DO.,RCST®,ND

 CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY, HOLISTIC HEALTH, EFT, Comprehensive Resource Modeling, Reiki and More (workshops and certification 1-3) Nutrition/Hair Analysis, Sound Therapies

  • CREATIVE and LEARNING EXPANSION for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE for: actors, singers, dancers, artists, public speaking, learning languages, English Language Development, test anxiety, martial arts, writers, musicians

  • ENERGY and SELF REGULATION TECHNIQUES for Health transformation

  • STRESS RELIEF, ANXIETY HELP - CRM,BSP, Nutrition, Sound Therapy

  • TRAUMA RESOLUTION - emotional and physical - injuries, illness, medical intervention, PTSD

  • STRATEGIES FOR Sensory Processing difficulties--Research/Resources/Strategies

"The forces that generate healing are the same forces that made the body at its beginning, and they are always present within the system. The practitioner's role is to support the natural emergence of the ordering principle from within the system in which the natural forces in the body are mobilized and optimized to self-correct the condition from within. This approach has been shown to be remarkably effective and safe for a wide range of conditions"

By Appointment in person or distance – (760)753-1493