There is a place called Dolphin House in encinitas. There are craniosacral therapies, trauma resolution, stress resolution, anxiety relief


Dolphin House - my Studio location:

And, Dolphins gather and share their joy, intelligence and strength...for common purpose and safety. That is the intention of my RESOURCES pages. Years ago my Navy dad told exciting sea tales of sailors he saw protected and sometimes saved by dolphins and he felt a spirit of kinship with them as I do.

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          Note:   I am a published resource for research and treatment in stress management, craniosacral therapy, in Dr. Diana Hoppe's book, Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You, written in 2010.

Second Location:

     Center For Healing  in

- my second location, where I treat people and hold Traditional Japanese Reiki and More and other workshops

Call for an Appointment  760-753-1493

David Taff, Osteopathic Manual therapist is also here - 619-606-5668

Books and Articles on related fields:

Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve  Stanley Rosenberg  2017

The Polyvagal Theory  Dr. Stephen Porges  2011

The Comprehensive Resource Model Lisa Schwarz, Frank Corrigan, Alistair Hull, Rajiv Raju 2017

Safe And Sound Protocol  Integrated Listening Systems

  •   Dr. Joe Dispenza - You Are The Placebo 2015, Becoming Supernatural 2017


    Additional RESOURCES and LINKS: These are good friends and associates.

  • Art Arquilla - Mailbox Station - mailing services, packaging, Notary - 760-436-4276

  • Jesse Tsao - TaiChi instruction&videos - 858-793-8939 -

  • FLS Services- remodeling, landscaping design and maintenance, - 760-529-1239

  • Kim's Alterations - fine custom dressmaking/alterations - 760-436-2263

  • - homeopathy - Pamela Hird Klein, PDHom (UK) 619-461-2584

  • Scott Creative Services, Inc. - Website design, SEO, hosting and email -

  • Chris Kolb - general contractor - 619-884-5652

  • Arcana Empothecary - Dr. Jim Mattioda, 122250 El Camino Real#108 - 858-755-0288 - alternative/complementary health pharmacy

  • Michele Gianetti, author of I Believe in You - - excellent book & blog on SPD

Great other books related to this website:

The Trauma Spectrum
 Dr. Robert Scaer

Angie Voss - OTR These two books are a fantastic resource for both children AND adults, especially the sensory signal recognition.

 The ADD & ADHD Diet

Rachel Bell, Howard Pieper

The Out-Of-Sync Child
Carol Stock Orowitz

My Body, My Earth
 Ruby Gibson

This Is Your Brain On Sports
David Grand, Alan Goldberg

The Fabric of Autism

Judith Bluestone

I Believe In You        
Michele Gianetti

Peter A. Levine -- Trauma-Proofing Your Kids, and his 2015 book, Trauma Memory